2019 MFA Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2017 BFA, Alma College, Alma, Michigan
2012 Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN (summer session)

Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina, 2019
Position: Instructor of Record
Subject Area: Art Appreciation/ Drawing
Responsibilities: I lectured for Art Appreciation for non-majors and developed course curriculum including, but not limited to, class assignments, quizzes and exams. I brought in guest speakers to the classroom in an effort to connect students and local businesses and engaged in community outreach. When I instructed for studio courses, I often prepared class presentations, live demonstrations and prerecorded video demonstrations of myself, and provided critical feedback to students both one-on-one and during studio critiques. I aimed to prepare my students for their senior semester, and for life after college, by lecturing on the importance of maintaining an artist resume and what that looks like as well as artistic opportunities such as graduate school, post-bachelorette programs, residencies, internships, scholarship opportunities and grant writing. When instructing in studio courses, I often maintained the classroom and ordered classroom supplies. For every class I have instructed/lectured, I have completed mid-semester progress reports and final grades using Clemson University’s Canvas Learning Management Systems.
Courses Taught: Art Appreciation, Beginning Life Drawing, Intermediate Drawing, Advanced Drawing.

Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina, 2017-18
Position: Teachers Assistant
Subject Area: Drawing
Responsibilities: As a Teacher’s Assistant, I assisted the head professor by introducing class projects, class demonstrations and provided critical feedback for students. I cleaned, organized and maintained work areas and classroom spaces.
Courses: Intermediate Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Beginning Life Drawing, Senior Studio

2017 Painting Instructor, Captured Community, Midland, MI
- Instructed various painting courses throughout the summer
- Created paintings to be potential paintings for the classes
- Assisted in instructing larger class sizes (around 40 people)

2016 Director of Figure Drawing Co-Op, Alma College, Alma, MI.
- Promoted figure drawing co-op with the use of promotional material
- Created promotional material for the figure drawing co-op
- Organized and coordinated models on a rotating weekly basis
- Organized model timesheets
- Coordinated and timed each drawing session
- Maintained a safe work environment for model and session attendees

2016 Drawing and Painting Teaching Assistant, Alma College, Alma, MI. Professor
Jillian Dickson.
- Researched and presented weekly slide shows on contemporary artist for BFA

2015 Arts Event Coordinator, Alma College Counseling and Wellness Center, Alma,
- Created art outreach events on campus
- Partnered with campus organizations to promote art outreach events
- Created promotional material for the Counseling and Wellness Center
- Researched/ coordinated new events to be used for future Counseling and Wellness
Center programming

2015 Mentor/Programs Intern, Free Arts Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
- Participated in in three, weekly mentorship and workshop groups
- Served as a team lead for mentor group
- Researched and developed arts curriculum to be used for future Free Arts
- Assisted staff with inventory and packaging supplies for workshops
- Maintained relationships with community partner organizations
- Worked closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to establish a volunteer pool

2014-16 Assistant Art Historian, Alma College, Alma, MI. Dr. Daniel Connolly
- Assisted in gathering library books for professor’s pedagogical instruction
- Made and photocopied PDF’s for professor’s classes

2013-17 Gallery Assistant/ Docent for the Flora Kirsch Beck Art Gallery, Alma, MI
- Opened and closed the gallery on weekends.
- Conducted gallery tours to patrons
- Worked as part of a team to install and uninstall artworks delivered by the artist.
- Arranged the artwork in the gallery as part of a team.
- Arranged track lighting to light the artwork.
- Restored the gallery: spackling, sanding and painting holes in the gallery walls.

2013-17 Circulation Desk Assistant Supervisor, Alma College, Alma, MI
- Supervised Circulation Desk Assistants during 2nd and 3rd shift hours
- Opened and Closed the library on weekends and weeknights
- Checked in and checked out various media to patrons
- Shelved books
- Acquired knowledge of the Library of Congress Classification System and Dewey
Decimal System
- Interacted with students and community patrons using the library
- Repaired books
- Registered patrons for library cards
- Collected fines, fees and gifts
- Assisted patrons by answering directional and procedural inquiries
- Advising patrons on library service resources
- Checking in and requesting MelCat and Inter Library Loan materials
- Shelf reading
- Instructing patrons on the operation of equipment such as scanners, computers,
printers and copiers
- Assisted with library events
- Cleaning tidying the library

2018-20 Volunteer Collections Assistant/Librarian, Museum of the Cherokee,
Walhalla, SC
- Developed a fully functioning library for museum staff and patrons
- Organized books, journals, articles, maps and visual materials using the
Library of Congress Classification System
- Input all materials and call numbers into database
- Set up a database system using Readerware Library Management Software
- Assign call numbers and organize all new library material
- Artifact research
- Cataloguing artifacts
- Preparing condition reports

2017 Founder and Director of Arts2Grow, Volunteer Community Art Outreach Program at Alma College, Alma, MI
- Developed an arts outreach organization in conjunction with Kappa Pi Art Fraternity
and Alma Community Arts Center in an effort to bring back arts education to the
- Instructed painting and drawing classes at local facilities
- Coordinated instructing dates, times and locations with various community
businesses and organizations
- Coordinated volunteers and assistants for teaching sessions

2016 Volunteer Arts Session Leader, Masonic Pathways Senior Living Services, Alma, MI
- Instructed various painting and drawing courses
- Assisted Instructor with class materials and preparation

2015 House Manager and Event Coordinator, Alma College Women’s Resource Center, Alma, MI
- Coordinated productions and events aimed at informing students of women’s issues
on campus: title IX procedures, counseling services for abuse victims, women’s
groups on campus
- Organized/promoted the annual clothing drive for the community women’s aid
- Engaged with campus and community groups to further community outreach
- Organized the annual production to raise money for the local women’s aid shelter
- Moderated household disputes between members of the resource center
- Placed work orders
- Organized house meetings

2013 Midland Community Animal Shelter, Midland, MI
- Engaging with animals to promote human contact, family friendly pets and pet
- Cleaning animal facilities

2019 “Abject Bodies,” Clemson University, Gunnin Architecture Library. Clemson,

2019, “Mythic,” Fe Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2019, “The New South IV,” Juried Show, Kai Lin Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2019, “A Contemporary Drawing Exhibition,” Indiana University Kokomo Downtown
Gallery, Kokomo, IN.
2018, “Regular Style,” University of Montana, Missoula, MT
2018, “Art in the Library,” Clemson University, Gunnin Architectural Library, Clemson, SC
2018, “The 57th Annual Greater Michigan Art Exhibition,” Center for The Arts, Midland, MI
2018, “The Present Moment,” Juried Show, Vanessa Lacy Gallery, Kansas City, MO.
2018, “The New South III,” Juried Show, Kai Lin Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2018, Invitational Exhibition, Lee Gallery, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2018, “Portrayed,” Juried Show, Honors CollegE, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2018, “Portrayed,” Acorn Gallery Exhibit, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2018, “Portrayed,” Board of Trustees’ Display, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2018, “Portrayed,” Sikes Hall Showcase, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2018, “Portrayed,” CAAH Dean’s Gallery, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2017, “Senior Show,” Juried Show, Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery, Alma, MI
2016, “Alma Art Prize,” Group Exhibition, Second Place, Alma College Campus, Alma, MI
2015, “We Are Survivors,” Group Exhibition, Public Space One, Iowa City, IA
2015, “Alma Art Prize,” Group Exhibition, Second Place, Alma College Campus, Alma, MI
2015, “Student Show,” Group Exhibition, Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery, Alma, MI
2014, “Student Show,” Group Exhibition, Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery, Alma, MI
2014, “Michigan Small College Juried Exhibition,” Bobbitt Visual Arts Center, Albion
College, Albion, MI
2013, “High School Senior Show,” Group Exhibition, Alden B. Dow Home and Studio,
Midland, MI, Juried Show
2013, “Private Student Show,” Midland Public Library, Group Exhibition

2019, Departmental Honors, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2018, Department Scholarship Grant, $700, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2017, Tuition Wavier, MFA program, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2017, Alma College Leadership and Service Award
2017, Designated Scholarship, Midland Area Community Foundation, Midland, MI
2017, Michigan Operations Community Outreach Team College Fund Scholarship, Midland, MI
2016, Library Textbook Award, Alma College Library, Alma, MI
2016, Artist Leadership Award, Alma College Art Department, Alma, MI
2015, Designated Scholarship, Midland Area Community Foundation, Midland, MI
2013, Young Artist Award, Midland High School, Midland, MI
2013, Designated Scholarship, Midland Area Community Foundation, Midland, MI
2013, Annual Presidential Scholarship, Alma College, Alma, MI
2013, Annual Distinguished Art Performance Scholarship, Alma College, Alma, MI
2013, Annual Full Ride Scholarship to Alma College, Alma MI

2019, The Unekar Project, Dr. Andrea Feeser, Professor of Art and Architectural History, Clemson, SC
2016, Free Arts Minnesota Promotional Video, storyboard and illustrations, Free Arts
Minnesota and Travel n’ Light Films, Minneapolis, MN
2015, Angel Oak, watercolor painting, Alma, MI.
2014, Grazy Valley Goat Cheese Logo Design, photoshop, Grazy Valley Goat Cheese, Midland, MI
2013, Theatre Mural, acrylic on panel (8 x 3 ft.), Greater Midland Society for Arts
Education, Midland, MI
2013, Great Lakes Pharmacy Logo Mural, by Great Lakes Pharmacy, Midland, MI
2013, Orchestra Mural, acrylic on panel (6 x 4 ft.), Midland High School Orchestra,
Midland, MI

2018, Paper Darts, volume XII, Minneapolis, MN
2018, LUMINA XVII: Resistance, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, March
2016, Pine River Anthology: Branching
2016, Senior Show Poster. Alma College, Alma, MI.
2015, Pine River Anthology: Tra-digital
2015, See Spot Run: Pull it out of the Earth and Sky, April Issue.
2015, See Spot Run: The Pedagogy of Everything, September Issue.
2015, See Spot Run: Retinal Murk, October Issue
2014, Pine River Anthology: Alloy

2017, MAC TV Network, Interview, Alma, MI, Art Review Season 8, Episode 6

2018, Applying Paper to Panel, Intermediate/Advanced Drawing, Clemson University,
Clemson, SC
2018, "So you Graduated with an Art Degree…Now What?" Intermediate, Advanced, BFA Senior Studio. Clemson University, Clemson, SC.
2016, Kapp Honors Day, "Eve and the Fall of Man: The Representation of Eve in
Romanesque Art," Alma College, Alma, MI
2016, Advanced Painting and Drawing, Swoon: Art and Activism, Alma College, Alma, MI
2016, Advanced Painting and Drawing, The Art of Edward Gorey, Alma College, Alma, MI
2016, Advanced Painting and Drawing, Wangechi Mutu: The Woman as the Body Politic, Alma College, Alma, MI

2017-18, Graduate Student Government, Senator for the Visual Arts, Clemson
University, Clemson, SC
2016-17, Kappa Pi Honorary Art Fraternity/ Arts2Grow President, Alma College,
Alma, MI

2019, Past Perfect Museum Collections Management Software
2019, Readerware Library Management Software
2018, Hazardous Waste Training for Generators. Issued February, 2018. No expiration date. Issued by Clemson University’s Main Campus, Office of Research Safety
2018, FERPA Training. Issued July 11, 2018. No expiration date. Issued by Clemson University.